Collecting data for future research

Tactual Profile online is developped to digitally upload scores of the results of Tactual Profile. After uploading the data a report is generated automatically. 

Research on tactual development of blind children

After a written permission of the parents of the blind child data are sent and stored at a Visio database. In this way a database is created with an overview of the tactual development of blind children in The Netherlands and Flanders. In association with an University in the future research can be conducted to the tactual development of blind children through the years; a so-called longitudinal research. In different ways the development can be evaluated. For example: for an individual child (his own development), for following and comparing age  groupes.

The purpose of collecting this data is to gather more information on tactual development. This data can also be used to improve the Tactual Profile instrument. The group of blind children is relatively small and knowledge on tactual development is spread among various people working in education and care. It is of the utmost importance to share this knowledge.